I am so excited to start this book blog! I have wanted to run a book blog for the longest time, and I decided to finally take the plunge. My name is Erica Esther, and I am 26 years old. I am from Chicago, but I currently live in Champaign, IL. I am a graduate student in Library and Information Sciences at the University of Illinois! I am graduating in May!!! Woooo.


I plan to become a children’s librarian when I graduate. I absolutely love children’s books, but I read from all genres!  Some of my other favorite genres are nonfiction, YA, and contemporary fiction.

One of my other passions is travel. My favorite city that is Paris.  Although I will mostly be talking about books on this blog I may include the random travel tidbit as well (and let’s be honest…my travels almost always include visiting the local library or the local bookshop!).

I have been a content creator on YouTube for several years. My YouTube channel, Esther Enchanted, is mainly focused on fashion and lifestyle. Recently, however, I started a booktube channel! My booktube channel is called Esther Enchanted Reads. I love booktube so much, and really value the ability to talk to other people that are passionate about books.

I hope that this blog will also help me to connect to others who share a love of reading.   You can expect book reviews, recommendations, and the occasional rant on this blog.  I will also occasionally discuss other media such as TV and movies. If you have a blog, booktube channel, or instagram please feel free to leave your information in the comment section down below. I would absolutely love to connect with you!


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